How long is the duration?
Every week, the public speaking class will be conducted in the span of one hour only.​

How frequent is the program?
Our program is continuous. Classes are held every weekend. We evaluate the success of our students based on a long term basis because we believe the art of public speaking cannot be mastered completely in a very short amount of time. From experience, students may start showing positive changes after joining our classes for two terms or in the span of 6 months. In this developing period, our students will gradually be better in speaking as well as their confidence level.

What are they learning in your class?
In our public speaking class, we follow a pre-planned structure which consists of 8 agendas as a whole. For example, in one of the agendas called "Theme of the Day", the students will discuss current issues of the world and they are required to create a short speech, either individually or as a group, before presenting it to the whole class. Besides, the students will also have a section where they are encouraged to do their workbooks provided by us. Additionally, among this agenda, the students will learn in a play-based environment where our coaches will conduct mind-challenging games while they learn the lesson that day.

What separates you from other centre?
As discussed above, we don't believe public speaking skills can be obtained in such short term, so we often stick to our long term planning. For us, said plan is more sustainable for the students because short term programs will ultimately drive the students to be machined for competitions but not have proper skills to speak on the daily basis. It takes a lot of effort and time to change the behaviours of our students so that's why we always opt and recommend our students to continue their terms with us.

What is your syllabus?
Currently, we are closely following the Trinity College London assessments, which are Speech Communication Arts (SCA) and Communication Skills. These assessments have specific levels and the coaches will evaluate every student in our program. We do not follow the syllabus because we come up with our own workbook that is compliance to the Trinity College London assessments. Furthermore, the assessments are certified in UK and we have been working closely with the representatives of Trinity College London here in Malaysia. Not only that, occasionally, we also send our students to quarterly international assessments.

What happen when they are on leave?
If the student has a valid medical certificate/reason, they are allowed to replace their classes to the next slots. This must be informed to the staffs earlier to avoid confusion.

Is there any performance or showcase?
Yes, absolutely. Every 4 to 5 months, we always strive to conduct a showcase, competition or related events of some sort with a collaboration with a third-party sponsor. The event would most likely happen in a shopping mall setting or other venues that is deemed suitable by our team. Besides, we also encourage students to be join to Public Speaking or Debate competition to strengthen their confidence as well as experience.

How many students in one class?
In premium classes, such as Subang Taipan (HQ), we normally have a maximum of 8 students in a class to avoid the class from being too out of control.

How many coaches in one class?
Normally, we will have 2 coaches in one class, one will be the main coach, while the other facilitates the process of teaching so the agendas will run smoothly. Additionally, we also have a coach who will conduct one-to-one personal coaching sessions with a student from the current class. In the long term, we hope to also tackle the behavioral problems of our students.

Any other hidden charges?
No, there will be no hidden charges as we are straightforward. We will always be transparent with our cost and fee. To get exact amount of fee, don't hesitate to contact us.

How long are they going to finish the syllabus?
Like previously mentioned, our program is a continuous journey and we aim to conduct it based on our long term planning. Some of our current students are still continuing after 2 years. This is because they realized that there are still so much work to do in order for them to reach new heights and milestones every day. We encourage our students to challenge themselves every day and it is also based on how they are willing to grow as a person.

What is the qualification of your coaches?
Most of our coaches are highly qualified. Most have a degree in English, whether it's Linguistics or Literature. They have a great command of the language and are very fluent in their speeches. Besides, some of them acquired Toastmaster's qualifications and even joined the World's Scholars Cup. Not to mention one of our staff is also a Law graduate who is well versed in his speech and mannerism. Lastly, we also have a representative of MPP of University of Malaya in our team. In short, we are a bunch of high spirited individuals who work hard for the betterment of our programs as well as our students.

Any school holiday program?
Yes, mostly we conduct these programs in other centres. To know more about the details of this programs, you may contact us and we will guide you through the inquiry.

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