About eBright Kids Public Speaking

ebright public speaking was founded to help nurture the future leaders of the world by providing what we firmly believe is a solid foundation and a great platform for children to take advantage of.
Step into the world of Public Speaking.

To excel, our children need to think beyond the school curriculum and look further beyond what they have grown accustomed to in school in order to build self-confidence, creative thinking and resilience.

ebright public speaking provides soft skill training services to children in a fun environment with an interactive voice. With our public speaking courses, your child will learn how to express in a more open manner, become more confident, conquer fear for public speaking and so much more!

Our programs have enriched many young lives by empowering them to:

• Gain confidence with effective speaking
• Develop strong eye contact, poise and articulation
• Better communicate with others around them
• Develop impressive creative thinking skills
• Develop impressive leadership skills
• Learn how to organize their thoughts
ebright public speaking Core Values
Fun is a must!

It's never a boring day with us! Our team takes much care to make sure that our programs are always engaging, exciting and above all - never dull. We believe a relaxed and fun learning environment has a large positive impact on how children can grow and develop their public speaking skills. 
Relationships are important!

The key to unlocking student potential is to develop positive, respectful relationships with both students and parents alike. For the duration of the program, parents are encouraged to remain involved in their child's development and see for themselves the positive changes that occur.
Blended teaching approach

ebright public speaking employs a teaching approach that incorporates both traditional and modern methods in classes. Technology has enriched our programmes many fold by enabling us to capture and maintain students' attention more effectively while monitoring their performance with the utmost precision.


To be the most influential learning center that breaks the mindset generation of our younger generation, helping them to discover their full potential.


To provide soft skill training services to children in a fun and interactive environment and empowering to be more confident in expressing themselves.
Why Choose ebright public speaking?
Moving forward with both the old and the new

As a core value, and certainly as we believe it - an advantage, ebright public speaking believes in incorporating the old and the new into an effective package that appeals to children. Alongside well-worn methods, we also include modern day tech such as: VR immersion (Virtual Reality generates a stage simulation for practical experience), PowerPoint presentations and actual microphone setups to ensure a well-rounded learning experience for children.
Professional trainers and instructors

ebright public speaking is comprised of certified trainers who, over the years have succeeded in training countless children to realize their full potential. We select our trainers based on their ability to interact with children and inspire change. More importantly, our trainers are also very passionate about what they do!
We build positive relationships

Our young and energetic team is able to relate much more to the class than most adults can. This promotes positive relationships, which is vital to how fast your child can learn. We use an approachable teaching style that makes us very welcome by children, thus making them more accepting to what we teach.
Comprehensive course and structure

Our programmes are aimed at transforming the way children think and express themselves. To accomplish that, we've carefully selected a number of modules that promote confidence and self esteem. A few examples are: managing stage fright, proper eye contact, body language, facial expressions, speech organization, visual aid presentations, vocal variety and more!

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