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About 15 percent of one's financial success is due to one's technical knowledge and about 85 percent is due to skill in human engineering -- to personality and the ability to lead people.
Dale Carnegie

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How Malaysian Children Personality Changes With Age

The perfect timing to cultivate language proficiency is during language development sensitive period. Good language cognition benefits whole life.
4 years old, does not dare to communicate with others, timid
7 years old, does not know how to express themselves using the languages they know
10 years old, does not dare to speak in the public, stage fright
18 years old, is not capable of showcasing themselves, failing to get through interviews
22 years old, does not know how to manifest self-worth, is looked down by others
27 years old, is not proficient in communication skills, it is always not their turn for promotion

7 to 16 year-old students, eligible to join without any basics


able to structure public speaking content systematically and use public speaking skills at basic level


able to structure speech in a proper manner according to different settings and be flexible in utilizing various public speaking skills

Public Speaking Class Teaching Methods

A visual mind map showing the step-by-step method to efficiently build linguistic mindset through our public speaking classes
Fun Activities Inclusion

Include fun activities into teaching contents to captivate the kids, helping them to be excited to start the learning process in public speaking class.
Learn Through Exploring

Lead the students to explore topics about technologies, environmental protection, mysterious species and so on, teaching the child to independently look for speech materials, nurturing their desire to explore and widen their horizons.
Topic Classification

Classify public speaking topics into different components, assisting students to quickly detach from typical way of public speaking with memorising script, improving their abilities to visualise, create and express.
Systematic Approach in Teaching

Every weekly class is designed professionally beforehand with an agenda to maximise student learnings to cater students' needs and transform them into world class speakers.
Ebright Public Speaking Class Specialties

Malaysia's professional kids public speaking course provider, explore and unleash your child's potential

Follow UK International Standards to prepare students for Trinity College London assessments

Start and end with captivating activities to etch deeper memories for things learnt on that day

Golden opportunities to showcase themselves in the public (eg mall plaza stage) to simulate actual public speaking ambience

Online resources available, learn anytime at anywhere

Ratio of trainer to students is 1 to 6, ensuring quality coaching
Public Speaking Class Structure

Walk your kids through the journey of becoming a world class public speaker
Highly Qualified Public Speaking Trainers

Strict Interview and Selection + Holistic Training + Assessments from Multiple Aspects

Ebright Kids Public Speaking's trainers are highly qualified public speaking coaches. They would go through strict interviews and demonstrate a passion for public speaking training and abilities of a professional public speaking trainer to be selected.
Three Steps to Transform Your Kids into World Class Public Speaker

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Our mission is always to pass on "methods" to develop public speaking skills

Once students master the evergreen methods to develop public speaking skills on their own, they will develop their most powerful customised lifelong public speaking skills


Ebright is a good platform to let kid expose their thoughts. Teachers are full with enthusiasm and motivation. The most important thing is my kid enjoyed the class.

I noticed my kids enjoyed the sessions and they themselves gave me feedbacks that they enjoyed attending classes which are very interactive and one thing I also noticed is that the teachers encouraged students to talk more and that was really an opportunity to build students' confidence. I would say overall it's very positive, thanks!

I am Yavinash here. I feel really confident and fearless to deliver my speech.The teachers are very supportive and funny. Thank you.

I see her improvement in term of speaking and presenting. Teacher is very encouraging to build up her confidence. I look forward with more technical tactics to build their public speaking and debate skills.
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